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SuperAdobe & Permaculture In Slums

Good people!! Help support the super cool, Superadobe and Permaculture for Githogoro Project. A sustainable way of giving, for better Habitat and Health.

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Join us in doing something meaningful and worthwhile in Kenya! Something significant, something sustainable and effective. Nothing new here? Read on ..

We are registered to work in the informal settlements of Githogoro and Mji wa Huruma inside the Runda Estate of Westlands District of Nairobi Kenya. This community has a combined population of over 50,000 people of which majority is under 35 years of age. About 12,000 are under the age of 12.  We also have a subsidiary farm in Kinanie, Machakos county, population of 6,000, where our programs expand into.

With the Githogoro community and our backers, we aim to promote social cohesion, economic empowerment and elevation of living standards. We also equip young people with skills, knowledge and exciting innovative ways of improving their lives. Particularly, the programs focus on improving livelihoods through well planned socio-economic activities which also lead to better human habitat and awesome ways of conserving the environment. Does it sound intriguing yet?

Workshops and Programs that will run systematically on volunteer basis and outsourced trainers include:

  1. Day care and Early Childhood learning with play therapy
  2. Permaculture and Food production with exciting feeding program
  3. Agribusiness incubators
  4. Rocket Stove Building, Cob Ovens Building, Cooking classes, Clay Works and micro-businesses associated with these!
  5. Superadobe and Earthbag building. What? 
  6. Practical Life Skills and Interpersonal relations
  7. Counseling – Peer Education, Drug Abuse, HIV-AIDS (by qualified counselors from AFYA II program)
  8. Social Responsibility, Recycling/Upcycling and Habitat management

HOW ON EARTH ARE WE GOING TO DO THIS? Our initial objective is to build a LOW COST, innovative, eco-Superadobe campus to house these programs, activities and workshops. A food program with equipped kitchen and permaculture gardens. A Day care and early childhood learning center. Sanitary facilities for showers and hygienic bio-latrines that don't smell! All these are to be powered by affordable and renewable energy systems. The proposed Life Change Githogoro Campus will be built on a 0.33 acre piece of land allocated by elders within the Githogoro community.

To support the Githogoro campus, some fun stuff will run on a subsidiary site an hour away in Kinanie. Here, our members are already in the process of starting out an organic food forest, greenhouse with aquaponics and vegetable grow beds that will support the kitchen food program. A seed and plant resource center, poultry farm and other livestock.

Construction of the first prototype dome using superadobe and a mix of traditional and local techniques is well underway. This first building will be used to house volunteers working on our programs and also as a creative space for artists. The site will also be used for researching and developing innovative natural building techniques that will lead to future workshops and training opportunities; while showcasing on the low-cost, low-tech solutions that can be easily adopted to better habitat and health. 

The Githogoro campus is set to include: (See drawings)

Phase One Building

  • Sanitary Facilities: 4 eco toilets and 4 solar heated showers
  • Biogas Plant
  • Kitchen with 6 rocket stoves, 2 with bread/pizza ovens, storage and dining area
  • Permaculture designed Kitchen gardens
  • Water Tanks, Waste-water Management and Water Purification systems
  • Solar Power systems and energy storage

Phase Two Building

  • Multi-purpose Hall with sound and presentation equipment
  • Day care center with Play facilities
  • 2 early childhood learning units
  • Administration office

Phase Three Building

  • Outdoor study/workshop areas
  • Volunteers living quarters
  • Aquaponics system with Water tanks.
  • Agri-businesses.

With a "Teach them how to fish (AND GROW FOOD FORESTS)" approach, transformation is encouraged, CHANGING ONE LIFE AT A TIME, giving back to the community in an empowering and sustainable manner.

Check out our social media and blog, help us spread the vision of Life Change to other communities. 



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