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Zena Rashid (Advocate) has lost her eyesight and has been referred to India for further treatment. She is counting on your support and goodwill.

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Zena Rashid (Advocate) has, since 1998, had to use eye glasses because of visual challenges. In 2020, her eyesight began to fail needing neurological tests. She was then diagnosed with increased inter-cranial pressure.

On 8th February 2021, Zena had a lower back surgery at the Nairobi Hospital to ease the pressure in her cranium.  Doctors hoped that this operation would ease the pressure on her optical nerves and improve her sight. It did not. Instead, further tests showed that her optical nerves were damaged.

Zena has since lost her eyesight. Local neurology and ophthalmology specialists have reviewed and referred her to India for further treatment to restore her eye sight.

This illness has dealt Zena a difficult hand. She lost, not only her father in 2016 but also, her mom Betty Rashid (Advocate) in June 2020. Plus, as the first-born, Zena has to care for her siblings.

She has severally topped up and now exhausted her medical insurance cover. She needs your help to cover the cost of treatment in India estimated at Kes. 5,000,000/-

Zena is counting on your support and goodwill to restore her sight.

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