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Help Raise Evans's University Fees

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Hi friends, as a reclusive but sharp person in terms of academics, I've always dreamt of going all the way to PhD level in the arts. I worked hard to get enrolled at the University. I started out as a computer person (Distinction DBIT - IAT School of Business), then shifted to loving arts, the realm of Social Sciences; Politics, Peace studies and Philosophy. Growing up in the plains of Turkana, I've worked hard to see myself to university, I saved some money (Sh67,000), then took loans totalling Sh100,000. I applied to join the University of Nairobi in 2017 (Student number C01/102424/2017), was accepted but that dream nearly crashed after losing my job in late 2019. I currently don't have a steady stream of finanes. I'm halfway through with my studies and that's why I need your help. Help me complete my degree. A big thank you for your contribution.

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