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Grace Kadzo Mwendwa, is the firstborn of 6 children staying with a single mother. Her Mum came Kambe-Ribe for survival and they used to sell local brewery “Mnazi” so that she can feed and managed a family of 6 children tough later things were tougher and end up being a beggar within Kambe-Ribe ward. After years of hustling, her mum was linked by well-wishers in Mombasa now is doing temporary jobs as a housemaid.

According to the report from Ziro Primary School, the girl joined class 6. She was performing well but family issuers and extreme poverty conditions were really affecting her though she ends up getting around 289 Marks in final exams and was selected to join Ribe Girls Secondary School which is one of the best school in Kilifi County.

Grace's teachers attest to her discipline, consistency, and industry despite lots of struggles. “Sometimes the girl used to work so that she can support her brothers. Also recently his brother was not in school for 2 weeks, after we interrogating him he told us that he was working in some construction sites so that he can prepare himself to join the school. This is a clear indication that this family has been abandoned and they are really struggling”, one teacher narrated this.

With the Board of Management of Kambe-Ribe Vocational Training we managed to have a short and brief meeting where we meet with the girl who was walking bear footed. From the face to face interview, the girl stated that after things were tough, she meets with Area chief so that she can be supported to join Ribe Girls but she ends up at Mwandodo Secondary School where later on she dropped willingly because the environment was not conducive to her due to family burden, she was afraid of school fee because her mum was not able to support  and she was denied ward bursary because she is not a Kambe-Ribe resident something which makes her hopeless and decided to join Kambe-Ribe Vocational Training Center so that she can learn electrical courses, get employed and support her Mum and brothers.

From this, it’s clear that this girl is frustrated due to her family background, the burden to support her brothers and take care of them.  As a girl from a poor family, she has no choice other than to leave school something which in the future will limit her in the job industry.

We, therefore, call for well-wishers to support her to join high school with boarding facilities, this will provide her a conducive environment to learn, gain relevant skills that will help her join the market and earn better in which she will later be able to support her family and the community at large.

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