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New Delhi, India : The baby with yellow eyes


Call him Baby Baraka. He's the second child of Mr. Habel Kinyati and Ms. Lydia Anyango Odhiambo

He turned one year in October last year.

Ever wondered what would be a child's first lesson in life? Learning how to hold something perhaps? Well it was a different case for Baby Baraka. He had to learn how to scratch his tiny body, yes, right from day 1. 

And he would scratch to the extent of breaking his skin and bleeding. To minimize the challenge, his mother learned to bathe him at least 4 times a day.

On today's #GivingTuesday, we feature Baby Baraka.

He was born through emergency CS at 40 weeks. The first thing his mother noticed from the tiny toddler was his yellow eyes. Doctors would however tell her the jaundice will disappear after sunbathing the little boy. This she did but instead the condition worsened. His skin too started turning yellow. He would frequently pass whitish grey stools and vomiting as well. He struggled to scratch his itching body.

The worried parents sought doctors advice. The first visit was at Gertrude's. Liver tests and scans indicated there was obstruction of the bile duct and recommended urgent surgery.

Worried of the much it was going to cost for the surgery, the parents moved to KNH for another opinion. The tests and scans indicated the same.

At 7 weeks, Baby Baraka had his first date with surgeons. But upon opening the liver, doctors found no obstruction in the ducts as had been indicated by the scans.

Further tests were advised. It was later discovered he was born with less bile ducts, a disorder they referred to as Allagile Syndrome.

Remedy? Liver transplant. And the doctor's advised the transplant could only happen in India.

Baby Baraka was put on medication as the parents sought help from friends and family. It was a lengthy process of waiting, praying and hoping.

At some point the doctors advised the liver was wearing out. Something had to be done urgently.

Even without sufficient resources the parents made a quick decision to take him to India as advised.

Upon arriving and some tests done, the hospital asked for more funds before surgery could happen. But there were no funds.

More requests were made to allow surgery to be done as the worried parents continued knocking more doors.

The baby is expected to be on treatment in India up until April 14th. His current hospital bill reads Kshs 876,000.

Today we are gathered here to give Baby Baraka a thumbs up and encourage him to keep fighting.

The little champ deserves our financial help. He deserves our prayer. He deserves our moral support.

For a gift of 100, 500 or 1000, you help Baby Baraka win against the liver disorder. Yes, to experience what life with good health is all about.

Not too much to ask from each one of us, is it?

Kindly send your GIFT to:

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One more request, kindly SHARE this post on your timeline to allow your friend participate in gifting Baby Baraka with a gift of health.

Say a prayer for quick recovery too. I know his parents will be reading on his behalf.

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