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Peter Wheelchair + School Fees

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Introduction to Peter.

Peter Gichandi is a middle aged man living with disability from Embu county, Mbeere North Subcounty, Muminji Location. He is in distress because of his 3 children that are in secondary school who he is not able to cater for. Peter is middle aged man at his late thirties. He had been a hardworking man throughout his youth. Peter is the only son of Mrs Gichandi who is deaf and dumb. He has 4 children three of which are in secondary school.

Peter's Journey

Peter was hit by lightning 10 years ago when he was harvesting his Miraa in the daybreak hours of a wet morning. This event left him paralyzed. Being the bread winner of his nuclear family and his disabled mother the Budden was left to his wife to take care of them through casual vibaruas. Peter’s immediate need is to clear the school balances for the 3 children so that they are able to stay in school. One Kid studying in Gangara Secondary with a Balance of 40K, Plus This term's fees of 10,000 Ksh. The two other kids are in Kivue secondary school and Karambari secondary school with a balance of 5,000 Ksh each. (Total=60,000 Ksh). Peter's Immediate need is to see his children stay in school. 

In the long run Peter wishes he can get a wheelchair that can allow him to take his Miraa to the market and negotiate for good prices. He wishes to be able to go to church and thank God because while he is physically paralyzed he is able to think and make decisions for the family. He wishes to be able to go to the nearest Kathanje market and get a shave once in a while.


Any help accorded to peter would be highly appreciated. An electric wheelchair (150,000) would particularly be a dream come true on top of clearing the fee balance. Peter is a Jovial Man and could be reached through his phone number 0748 373 477 I hope something can be done for him through well wishers.

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