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Kenya ought to be the 8th, 9th or the 10th BIGGEST ECONOMY in the World today. Kenya economy was bigger and grew much faster than the South Korean economy in the 1970s. While South Korea took the right turn towards development in the 1980s, Kenya made a U-TURN. Since then, Kenya has missed all the right turns TO do another U-Turn and head back to the right development lane. Kenya is still driving on the wrong side of the road. South Korea then went to become a First World and today it is the 12th biggest economy in the world. Kenya on the other hand is still a poor Third World Country.  Ahead of South Korea in the 1970s, Kenya today in reality, should be the 9th or 10th biggest economy. But alas its still a Third World country with no clear roadmap, vision, plans nor deadlines as to when it shall depart from the Third World rank. I am confident 10 Yrs are enough to panel beat Kenya and launch it into a First World.

Some developmentalist (e.g., Swana and Mondi) argue that African countries could industrialize in 25 years’ time.  With great efforts led by a visionary leadership can we not cut down this duration to 10-15 years. I believe we can! Within 10 years’ time, we can make Kenya a First World. We can make Kenya move fast to cut off itself from the umbilical cord of poverty that ties all African countries together? We can make Kenya lead the way as the first African country to become a First World in Africa. And more so, we can make Kenya to be the first Black Country worldwide to become a First World. Making Kenya a First World is my Mission. In all the world regions it is only the African region that does not have a rich or developed country. Do you feel ashamed like I do? I feel embarrassed to carry this tag of belonging to a poverty stricken continent which paradoxically is the richest continent on earth and hence all its 54 countries should be the richest. An entire mountain in DRC was found to be made of gold in March 2021. Asia is represented by Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and China in the Club of the Rich Nations or Advanced Industrialized states. In Europe there are so many industrialized nations as well as in the American Hemisphere. Africa has 54 countries. They ALL hold the SHAME of being the most poorest countries. Yet they hold some of the greatest global wealth in natural resources. It’s a paradox. I have this belief and this faith that we can turn Kenya – just one country in Africa - into a First World. Let’s do it. This will cover the shame of Africa as Africa can now boast and be proud of at least one of its own countries has turned the corner to become a developed nation. Let’s not defer this struggle to future generations. Let the generation of our day be the generation that ended Kenya’s sufferings in poverty. Help that the generation to be born in 2030 be born in economic freedom, in wealth and in a Developed Kenya. Let’s start a conversation around this issue: MAKE KENYA A 1ST WORLD. We will hold conferences, Town Hall Meeting, Media Debates and grassroots meetings in every Ward. Kindly donate Ksh. 100, 1000, 10,000, ($1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $100 etc) – just any amount we raise KSH.ONE MILLION in the next few months so that we can begin hosting Conferences to lay the groundwork for Kenya’s take-off into the First World from next year - 2022 when I plan to start build the journey to build 2,000 factories. Once we reach Ksh.2M we shall start the meetings as we raise the other amounts. Please Help. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Get in touch at drmburu123450@gmail.com

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