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Let's walk with baby Jaji through this cancer journey.

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Somewhere in Kilifi County in Magarini constituency is a village called Marereni.

Baby Jaji now aged 3 years was born a healthy boy in a family of 2 siblings and a disabled grandpa a mother whose a housewife and a dad whose a bodaboda rider.

Life was normal back then until mid 2020 when he developed some issues with his eye and diagnosed with Retinoblastoma (a type of cancer). He was referred to start treatment at The Coast General Hospital and booked for 2 cycles of chemotherapy unfortunately he was anemic  and received treatment for his anemic condition. They went back home and never returned back from Kilifi to Mombasa for follow up and management due to financial constraints and the recent doctors strike.

After the recent survey & evaluation of PWDs at the village by volunteers they decided to visit their humble home of which poverty is an understatement. They took him back to the hospital, Malindi Sub-County Hospital and his case was reviewed.

He has now been referred to the Kenyatta National Hospital Opthalmology department for further review and management.

It is for this reason that we humbly turn to the online family and ask for your generous financial support towards baby Jaji's Medical appeal to enable him receive treatment in Nairobi. No amount is little.

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