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Support me pursue my dream post graduate studies, Masters in Development Studies

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I am passionate about development, and how it can bring positive social change to the underserved, underrepresented, and marginalized.

After numerous applications and rejections, to various universities, I finally got an acceptance offer in January. The unconditional acceptance offer is to study a Master of Arts in Development Studies, in Europe. This has been my dream course since high school, when my interest in human rights and impacting the lives of underserved and underrepresented  communities was born. 

The school (University of Limerick) was gracious enough to extend the deadline from 4th February to 22nd February to make a payment (part of my tuition money) to the institute to confirm my place before it is withdrawn, thus my plea.

I am in search of (and continue to apply for ) scholarships to support with tuition and upkeep money. I am committed to providing people-focused solutions. I envision a world where gender biases do not hold people back, a society where the youth from informal settlements, and marginalized areas are not held back by their social or financial status. A world where they are a part of integral decisions that shape all sectors. A world, where they too have equal chances, like everyone else.


Please support me to achieve this dream!


Chase your dreams with Naked ambition and ruthless determination

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