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Bring Hope & Health To The Widows

Without skills, support or opportunity widows often succumb to the vicious cycle of poverty. Help us bring hope and health to the widows to change their lives.

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Widows are historically among the poorest and most vulnerable individuals in the society moreso in developing Coutries like Kenya, where exist high levels of gender inequality in rights, human development and access to productive assets. The research has shown that women tend to live longer than men not only because of biological differences but their lifestyles, men tend to indulge in different unhealthy social behavious which put thier lives at a risk of contracting diseases, like women inheritance which is a cultural behaviour among some communities like Luos, drug abuse, robbery and prostitution resulting in HIV/AIDS among others. In Kenya there are many factors that perseived to justify women inability to do certain jobs in the communities. Like it 's argued that a man should be the head of the family and the bread winner, having a wife at home is seen as a previlledge to the man to bear him children, therefore women tend to be housewives, which is a disadvantage to them when their spouses dies. Another factor is that women are seen as sexual creatures, and are not allowed to work by their husbands who argue that married women should not enter male occupations as they will be at a risk of forming liasons with men at work if they work in too close contact with them and loose their femininity. In a man's eyes,exposure to men would damage his woman forgetting that when he dies earlier,he will leave the wife and children in a great dilema of starvation. All the above mentioned factors has rendered widows into extreme suffering after the demise of their husbands.

Therfore without skills, support or opportunity widows often succumb to the viscious cycle of poverty. Some are forced into servitude, or beggary and those with children are forced to surrender them to the orphanage or to child marriage or to the streets because they cannot support their up keep, that's providing basic needs like food, shelter,clothing and medication. Hence the need to support widows live a better life.

The issue of constructing better houses for widows was my brainchild idea from my past experience from childhood, i hate seeing people suffer while i'm in a position to help, hence i was driven by the desire to serve the most vulnerable population in the communities moreso women and children who are suffering. Together with the help of friends and wellwishers i have been building houses to widows who are living in deplorable houses and some who were left without a place to call a shelter in the remote areas of Kenya. Gwp has also been helping in provision of basic needs (Food, Shelter, clothing and Medical) to the widows to improve their living standards, and training them on how to be self reliant through creation of income genarating activities such as enterpreneurial skills. The project has assisted quite a number of widows who are now living in better houses.

Help us share our project to help the widows be self reliant with a sustainable livelihood, break the cycle of poverty and send  their children to school.

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