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Medical Appeal For Khamis Saad

Khamis Saad is in Urgent need of Surgery.Kindly donate to save his life.Thank you.

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In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful,

Dear Brothers and Sisters – we humbly come to you,to ask for your invaluable help on behalf of our dear brother Khamis Saad, aka Gowon. He is very sick, and has been sick for some time now – having been in and out of hospital for some time. This issue has been ongoing and he is weakened by it (May Allah restore his health, Ameen). He requires an urgent surgery of reversal of Colostomy that would cost Kshs 300,000.

We do acknowledge that times are very tough right now, due to the global pandemic – but it is during such times that our assistance to those who need help become even more impactful. Please help – any amount you can. May Allah bless you all and multiply His mercy upon you.

06/12/20-Update-Due to Gowon mental challenge, something that he has been dealing with for a long time now, we wish to raise another 200K(Our target now is 400,00Ksh) to help with his after surgery needs for example, hospitalization in a specialized center till he heals from his reversal of Colostomy surgery/Medications and Others. If he doesn’t get specialized care after surgery he might hurt himself due to his mental state, for this we again ask for your financial help. May God reward you abundantly

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