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Funding for rangers

You helped us successfully fundraise for an anti-poaching vehicle, now we need to ranger it up!

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Thanks to you, we managed to raise just under 40,000 USD which we used to purchase an anti-poaching vehicle. Our vehicle has been operational for over a year and a half in Kenya's Tsavo ecosystem, helping rescue stranded wildlife from drying mudpans, and mobilising rangers we partnered with to successfully catch poachers!
We are halfway there already!
$ 22,032 is our target for this fundraiser. This will cover salaries for a team of 6 rangers for one year. 

Please consider donating whatever you can, and share our fundraiser with your friends.
Thank you!
$ 10 Covers a rangers salary for one day
$ 30 Covers a rangers salary for 3 days
$ 100 Covers the cost of basic vehicle maintenance for the anti- poaching vehicle for a month
$ 300 Covers the salary of one ranger for one month
$ 400 Covers the salary of the head ranger for one month
$ 900 Covers the salaries of 3 rangers for one month
$ 1750 Trains one ranger at Kenya Wildlife Services Manyani Training Camp in readiness for operations on the ground.

We are nearly there, will you help us get our boots on the ground?