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Teenage pregnancy threatens promises for girls' education and hinders the realization of their dream. It has been a challenge for adolescents and young mothers to go back to school due to lack of school fees, the child's needs, e.t.c. Many adolescents and young mothers face diverse challenges because they are not getting enough support for them to return and continue with their education.

"I didn't go back to school after giving birth to my child, since coming from a poor background, and accessing school fees again has been my main challenge. I wish someone can help me by paying school fees for me to achieve my dream," as tears roll down her eye that was her cry.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world", Nelson Mandela. Educating the young mothers to have knowledge and information will help the girls to have the power to be champions to end teenage pregnancy and achieve their dreams.

Young Mothers Education fund will look into providing school fees for needy, talented young mothers to continue with their education to assist the girls in the realization of their dream. The girls in different schools will be mentored to be teen pregnancy champion to be advocates in ending teenage pregnancy. 

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