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Sports For Change- School Fees Fund

Due to Covid, we can not organize events to raise funds. We are reaching out to YOU and OTHERS to help us raise 500,000. Our students need our urgent help.

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Sports for Change is a charitable organization that provides education scholarships to bright students from underprivileged families. We raise funds by organizing fun sports, like the popular Kenya Colour Run. This has unfortunately been impossible to organise in 2020 due to the pandemic, and strict protocols imposed against mass event gatherings. We are thus turning to other initiatives aimed at fundraising university tuition fees for one of our students - Pamuat, as well as school fees for other Sports for Change students who are in their final year of study and have already resumed school. Our target is $5000. In the month of December, a Sports for Change team will attempt to reach the lofty heights of the second highest mountain in Africa – Mt. Kenya! This is an invitation for you to join us in this journey that is also a charity fundraising challenge! Our appeal is that you support this challenge in any way you can with the focused goal of achieving the target $5000 which is $1000 for each 1,000m of altitude achieved. The Government of Kenya suspended learning in line with Covid-19 protocols. However, all schools are now announced for a January 4th, 2021 resumption date. This means that Sports for Change has the challenging task of ensuring its kitty is ready to support up to 50 students in readiness for this resumption by paying their school fees within the next 4 weeks. With your help we hope to find a way to continue supporting the noble effort of educating these financially disadvantaged but gifted young women and men as we impact and equip them for life. They will in turn be well positioned to transform their communities as envisioned by Sports For Change mantra.Join hands with us and be part of the change. You can support us by donating and sharing our story with your friends in an effort to reach a wider network of support.

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