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I believe in the ideal power of teamwork. I'm venturing out to address your next-dish needs. In support, I call upon your aid & from Those on your friend lists.

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What if we were be able to enable you order & enjoy any dish (food diversity) of your choice, your quantity, food that meets your specifically customized satisfactory needs of nutrition, hygiene, affordability, tasty preferences, convenience & reliability through our highly esteemed food preparation, customizable remote order placement & fast motor delivery (served with a unique sense of value, whether for lunch or dinner, whether at work, at home with friends or family, in events or even just whenever strolling out there) services, wouldn't you wish to take your next bite with us? (SUBMIT RESPONSE ON THE COMMENTS SECTION)

We appeal for your financial assistance (Donation) to help us kick start & purse in the direction of this life-transforming & promising course, and we vow not to disappoint! We target reaching out to your locality in the near future (as a movement plan towards the achievement of our long term goals of being a national & multinational brand through nearby-franchised branches of Topher's Tasty Corner), as one of our growth paths. Gakurine, a medium level trade rural Market & residential estate for young families, casual & formal labourers, and students through a vast socio-economic support system, majorly in secondary & tertiary education, Entrepreneurship, agriculture, recreation & religion, is my physical focal location for piloting purposes, proving high customer base potential of 1000 served customers (appealing to both genders, all ages, whether, or not, employed, low, medium & high income earners), each , on average, crediting us with ksh.100 per day: it's meant to kick off on 8/10/20 to 3/2/21 with a net profit potential of ksh.100,000 per day (i.e. 46.5% ROI potential per day i.e. 558% annually per branched franchise)

We further seek to break our seemily unbreakable adamant socio-economic national problems, amongst them: food insecurity & inaccessibility, unemployment amongst young talents, poor states of infrastructure & inadequacy in self dependence, sustainance, growth & development mechanisms. As founder of the Brand, with my Co-founder, Beloved Wife, by employing our interests, skills, knowledge & talents, we explore this milestone as we aspire make this great opportunity a reality by continually serving you with your exemplary next-delicacy needs & service any time, any day.

We request you, again, in kind faith, to invite a colleague(s) to share with us any amount in our quest to achieve this because together, we be believe we got the power to achieve Any that which our hearts & the society deserves. In the Mighty Loving Lord, through Jesus Christ, name, we belive in; for glory & honor awaits, & upon His Approval, The future arrives today through Him, through your kind gesture of collaboration...


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Business Name: MCHANGA

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Account Number: 43098

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Paybill: 891300

Account: 43098

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