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Fundraising for environmental conservation through tree planting for economic empowerment and poverty alleviation

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Homa Bay and Kisumu is located along the shore of Lake Victoria’s. The counties cover a large area of over 5000 sq km with an estimated population over 2million people.

Homa Bay and Kisumu Counties are characterized by a rapidly growing population, high population density, falling food production, and low resilience to climate change. The combined effects of climate change and rapid population growth are increasing food insecurity, environmental degradation, and poverty levels in the county. The Forest Garden project will help to mitigate the effects of conventional farming practices including malnutrition and poor soils and harvests.

These two counties are home to a unique fauna and flora with a high proportion of species not found anywhere else. However, these are highly endangered, as less than ten percent of the forests have been preserved, and overexploitation of the forest trees continues. Thousands of hectares of forests and tree cover disappear every year. The consequences are devastating: erosion and desertification cause the loss of habitats for humans, animals and plants as well as agricultural land. Watercourses carry humus away and silt up, the climate changes, pests and diseases spread.

The trees fall victim to the extraction of timber as well as to the land requirements for the cultivation of food. However, 80 percent of the wood felled is used for cooking. A rural household uses four tons of firewood per year to prepare meals on an open fire. In the cities, charcoal is used for cooking. To cover the coal needs of a household, six tons of wood have to be felled each year. This has devastating consequences for the environment and the climate. Firewood and charcoal are very expensive. The cost of the fuel needed for cooking is usually about a quarter of the average monthly salary. And these counties a large percentage of the population lives on less than USD 1 a day.

We intend to raise USD 8990 to start an aggressive tree planting campaign project that would transform the environment and uplift the economic status of the people especially women and the marginalized.

Project objectives

        Within ten years (2020 - 2030), 10 local groups sustainably planting over 11 million trees

        On average, 600,000 trees are planted in the first year.

        600 families every year having direct economic benefits of the tree planting initiative.

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