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My name is Halima Abdillahi Hassan,I want to study nursing.I have a lot of good qualities,for one I am disciplined,selfless,patient,dedicated and hardworking.The reason why I choose nursing is because of my mother.Death is tragic but it can inspire so much passion.My mother is my hero and my inspiration.My desire to help by giving care to sick people comes from a deeper place.When I was 4 years old my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer.At that time I was too young to understand what was going on until when one day I saw my mother weak and bleeding,I felt helpless,powerless and confused.I experienced a traumatic and scary moment.After suffering for 3 years she passed away.I was devastated and swore that one day I will find a cure for the sickness,little did I know the sickness has no cure.The worst thing is that my family could not afford to hire a caregiver to help her.In short I want to be able to help others since I did not get to help my own mother.Yes,I do not have any experience but I am extremely interested in giving care and that is why I will make a wonderful nurse in the near future.

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