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Adolescent Girls in Homabay face challenges during their Menses due to the inability to afford sanitary towels. Donate to sanitary pads and menstrual education.

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Rachuonyo North is a low-income rural area, with an average income of Kshs.3000. This mean, families cannot support "luxury" girl essential. Young ladies aged 12-18yrs have to seek alternatives ranging from unhygienic sanitary materials (tissue paper, old Tshirts, Cotton Wool), Sex-for-Pad, or miss school (86% of girls report missing school during their periods) while some 32% drop out after they start menstruating. In the COVID19 months, 336 teenagers were impregnated and 73% say that "Sex was the act of gratitude for sanitary pad men buy for them".

Moreover, the taboos and stigmas attached to menstruation lead to an overall culture of silence around the topic, resulting in limited information on menstruation and menstrual hygiene. Such misinformation can have ramifications on the health and dignity of girls and women.

Wang'chieng' Youth Resource Centre (WAYREC) CBO, Restore her Dignity campaign hopes to change this by holding the 1st Menstrual Hygiene meeting for girls where they can be taught on and be given Hygenic Sanitary pads. The campaign targets 2500 adolescent girls aged 11-18 yrs who will be equipped with a year supply of sanitary pad.

In addition to distributing sanitary materials. WAYREC will provide health education on puberty and adolescence, to demystify menstrual related myths and break down societal taboos. The project catalyses and promotes positive body literacy as well as gender equality.

So please help us reduce Sex-for-Pad by Donating-a-Pad to Restore Her Dignity.

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