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Saving Threatened Forest

Help save a threatened forest, home to rare and beautiful birds and animals. With your gift we can stop it disappearing into charcoal and dust & keep it forever

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Rare wildlife

Just 50 kms inland from Malindi lies a wonderful landscape of forest, woodlands and seasonal wetlands known as the Dakatcha Woodland. Having been tucked out of the way for so long, Dakatcha had kind of been forgotten - in fact, almost nothing was known about its wildlife until about 30 years ago when a rare bird, the Clarke's Weaver, found only on the north coast in Kenya in the whole world, was seen there.


Since then we've discovered several other very rare birds and animals at high risk of becoming extinct that live in Dakatcha - in particular Africa's smallest owl, the Sokoke Scops Owl, and a unique animal, the Golden-rumped Sengi (also known as an elephant-shrew - though note, it's neither an elephant nor a shrew!). Both these species are also only found in two other localities in the whole world apart from Dakatcha.


There are also 18 other species of mammals recently recorded in this area including Leopard and Civet, and over 200 species of birds many of which are 'coast specialities'. We've recorded nearly 100 different types of butterflies as well.


Threatened with extinction

Over the past ten years, as the area has opened up, the threat of charcoal burning and forest clearance for agriculture has become intense.


With new roads being built, availability of power saws making it easy to cut trees, and cheap motorbikes to transport the sacks of charcoal, the forest is fast being heavily damaged. Most recently, land adjudication has started and as a result land purchasing has become a frenzy.


This unique and incredible forest with its rare wildlife is literally going up in smoke - unless we take action to save it.


The Dakatcha Nature Reserve

With help from others, A Rocha has been buying blocks of remaining forest and created the start of a nature reserve to protect these threatened wildlife.


Thankfully, A Rocha has a long-standing relationship with the communities in the area of the nature reserve and has been involved in teaching in schools and churches about the importance of caring for God's creation together with introducing sustainable ways of making a living.


A Rocha invites you to join us in saving this rare and precious forest and its rich wildlife.


We need to immediately secure 500 acres which are particularly under threat!


THANK YOU for partnering with us in this critical point in the history of scops owls and sengis...


About us (https://www.arocha.or.ke)


A Rocha Kenya is the local expression of a global Christian conservation organisation committed to the study and protection of threatened habitats and species. We partner with National Museums of Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service and NatureKenya among others in our conservation efforts. 



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