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Hello. I am here as Romuald Kabete seeking assistance towards paying my University fees as well as clearing my Secondary School balance. Thanks in advance.

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My name is Romuald Kabete.  I am a first-year student at Riara University, pursuing a Bachelors in Business Information Technology.  Before joining Riara I had no funds nor did my mother, I was forced to ask friends for money to pay my application fees. These were amazing friends who came to my rescue. I asked my mother to have faith in me, even though I would not be able to pay my tuition upfront, I was determined to join Riara and learn to give myself a real chance in life. I paid just 3,000/- in fees for my first semester, although time after time I was reminded of paying my balance my only option was to convince the finance department to allow me to continue to study. I managed to complete my first semester and do well in my exams.

At the start of my second semester in Riara, I was locked out of the online learning platform, my portal had been blocked due to non-payment of tuition. At this point, I could not learn as all assignments and CATs are issued and submitted on the online platform. Naturally, I turned to my mother for help. I was very hopeful as she had just secured work in the Middle East, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic her application was deferred indefinitely. I had no choice but to defer my second semester.

At the beginning of my third semester in September, I had lost all momentum and decided to share my story on M-Changa in the hope of raising my fees. I hope to raise 200,000/- to fully cover my first year in university and to clear my outstanding balance in Secondary School. It is my prayer that upon completing my first year that my mother would have secured her job and therefore be in a position to support my studies. My only wish is to complete my degree and thus put myself in a position to succeed. In future, I hope to start an organisation to help children such as myself by facilitating their education and allowing them to pursue their dreams by exploiting their talents. This is an opportunity that I do not take for granted, I understand the true value of education and I intend to take full advantage. Like everything else in my life, I put my trust unto God and pray that all shall be well. To those that can help me with however much they can, I truly cannot thank you enough. You have given me a chance to succeed, may God bless you infinitely. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 


Yours Sincerely, 

Romuald Kosgey Kabete

(Adm no.: 20ZAD104805)

Riara University

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