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JCSCF Sickle Cell Disease Fund

Help us raise KS 2,275,859 to ease the pain of vulnerable sickle cell champions and help them live productive lives by providing them with medicine and food .

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Joanne Chazima Sickle Cell Foundation Support for Persons Living With Sickle Cell Disease (PLWSCD)


September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month and this years’ theme is “Sickle Cell Matters”. The objective of marking the month is to increase public knowledge and raise awareness about Sickle Cell Disease. Medical Practitioners are also challenged to focus attention on the need for research and treatment of sickle cell disease.

People Living with Sickle Cell Disease (PLWSCD), are at a higher risk of getting infected with COVID-19.

Children born with sickle cell disease (SCD) are 3 times more likely to die than their pediatric population. Transition into adulthood, limited access to specialist care, low socioeconomic status, and a lack of training of clinicians about the disease are just some of the challenges that contribute to complications leading to mortality.

The Problem

The economic consequences of covid-19 has ended up hurting more people in Kenya than the disease itself. People with underlying conditions are more susceptible to contract corona virus and as such People living with Sickle cell Disease (PLWSCD) are at a higher risk of being infected.

PLWSCD are more likely to get severe illness if they get infected with COVID-19 due to their impaired immunity. Most of them come from households with food insecurity and lack of the most basic of needs, like water.

The most affected being vulnerable children living with the elderly. With the government shut down of schools, children living with sickle cell disease have nowhere to turn, they are left at home without proper care and without food as the parents /guardians go out the whole day to look for a casual job.

From the many distress calls we have received, we came to a conclusion that PLWSCD and their families are in dire need of Help.They need to be supported with medicine, food and WASH materials like soaps and hand Sanitizers to improve their health and protect themselves from the Corona virus. They cannot afford food and the most important medication especially at these tough times.

“During this period of Corona virus pandemic, persons living with sickle cell disease are advised to ensure they keep a minimum of one-month supply of medication at all times. In addition, they should consult their healthcare providers should they experience COVID-19 symptoms,” Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Dr. Rashid Aman

The Solution

Joanne Chazima Sickle Cell Foundation (JCSCF), named after its co-founder Joanne Chazima, herself a sickle cell champion, is a Kenyan nonprofit organization seeking to create awareness about the sickle cell disease (SCD), set up sickle cell centers in areas prevalent with the disease to carry out successful diagnosis and management of the disease.

We are organizing a fundraiser targeting particularly vulnerable recipients impacted by COVID-19, we will occasionally work with partners like “The Kibera Sickle Cell Clinic “ to reach recipients more rapidly. Our top priority right now is to support buying a champion pack that costs Ks  1,675 per family. This pack will contain; sickle cell medication and food to our sickle cell champions' most vulnerable families. To start, we plan to target families in Korogocho, kawangware and Kibera where the economic effects of COVID-19 have hit the hardest and fastest.

What should the sickle cell champion stock to keep them healthy during this season? (PACK)


a)     Hydroxyurea

b)      Folic acid

c)      Paludrine

d)      Pain killers (avoid Brufen )

e)      Vitamin C tablets

f)       ZINC tablets


Covid pack;

a)      Soap

b)      Hand sanitizer

c)       Masks

Food package;

a)      Rice

b)      Beans

c)      Green grams

d)      Flour

e)      Cooking oil

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