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Harambee Youth Kenya

Help us transform the lives of less fortunate youths through education, welfare and economic empowerment projects.

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Harambee in Swahili means “ Let’s pull together”

Harambee Youth Kenya (aka HYK) is a community-based youth empowerment organization in the Dagoretti area of Nairobi working to empower youths through education, welfare support and economic empowerment programs. The organization incorporates local and international initiatives to provide housing, sustenance, and education to communities of youth without access to them.  Our mission is to equip the youths with education and to empower them with skills and abilities to be productive members of the society and to positively impact their local community at large.

Brief History of Harambee Youth Kenya

Harambee Youth Kenya started in 2011 as a rescue center for street and vulnerable youths when the first program of providing education and housing to seventeen boys who were previously living on the streets was initiated. However due to inadequate resources and other challenges, there was a need to establish a new approach of providing support remotely, therefore in 2012, Harambee Youth Kenya rescue center was phased out and majority of the boys were re-integrated into the community through introduction of home-based support program. Through the program, many of the boys were reunited with their families and for the few that had no relatives, through the support of the organization, they rented their own houses and the organization continued to support them by paying their rent and monthly expenses while they continued to pay for their schooling. They organization has since been using the model to date. 

Achievement so far

So far, Harambee Youth Kenya has supported over 150 youths through provision of welfare support including food and shelter, and awarding of education scholarships both high school and college who have since transformed and most of them are not able to support themselves and also giving back to the society in different ways.

Why We Need Your Help

Every year we award full scholarships to young men and women to join high school, collage and vocational training institutions and university. Please join us! We need you to help see that these kids join and graduate from high school, college and university.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute money today, it doesn't mean you can't help. You can help us by:

  • Spreading the word: Share about Harambee youth Kenya's work with your family and friends 

  • You can also volunteer your time. We are always looking for great people. Drop us an email via harambeeyouthkenya1@gmail.com to see how you can use your skills to help our organization.

  • Inkind Donations. Let us know if you have any tools or equipment such as computers, books, seats, tables and other gifts you may want to donate!

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