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My name is Peris Magoma Nyakundi. I have decided to open an account with this platform upon agreement with family members and a few colleagues of Duncan Misati Nyakundi (my brother 25 years old).

Duncan was on the 3rd August 2020 diagnised with having two (2) tumors in his brain after perfoming an MRI Scan at German Medical Center (Upper hill). The tumors are overgrown and are causing him to suffer convulsions, memory loss among other symptoms.

Duncan was referred by a neurologist to a neuro surgeon at Kenyatta National Hospital, who recommended surgery to remove the mass (es) as soon as possible to deter further damage. Since Duncan has not been admitted, the Neurosurgeon recommended prescriptions to manage/prevent the convulsions and the growth of the tumors for the time being as we organize funds for his surgery.

We were given an estimate of Kshs 550,000/- as the cost for the surgery inclusive of all theatre charges and treatments expenses which amount (bill) is said to increase depending on the treatment required after the said surgery.

We implore our relatives, colleagues and friends to help our brother get the surgery and treatment needed.

Thank you.

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