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Teen Mom Zero Initiative

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Every year, thousands of teenage girls become pregnant, risking their own lives to birth a child which they themselves cannot care for due to their existent economic hardship.


In kibera alone, 25% of girls aged 15-19 have alredy given birth. This is due to the lack of school fees, lack of parental care, communication and supervison, period poverty, peer pressure, non-use of contaceptives etc.


That is where Teen Mom Zero Initiative comes in. A program under SAPTA Kibera designed to empower young girls to take ownership of their lives through engaging them in extracurricular activities,  supervision and mentorship ( concerning Comprehensive Sexual Education) and trying to alleviate period poverty( the lack of access to essential sanitary products such as sanitary towels, hand washing facilities, menstrual hygiene education) by providing sanitary towels purchased through donations.


Menstruation is not just a woman or young girl's  problem. It is everyone's problem and it is therefore our responsibility to care for those who have not the resources to purchase such products.


The provision of such products will help reduce teenage pregnancies too, for young girls will not be engaging in early sexual debut in exchange for sanitary products, the main purpose of this initiative.


With your help we can make a change






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