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Urgent Appeal To Help Ogiek People

This is an appeal for urgent humanitarian relief for the Ogiek Community members of East of Mau forest following forceful eviction from their homes.

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Ogiek are an indigenous minority forest dependent community. They live in the expansive Mau forest complex in rift valley.

For decades,they have been in the corridor's of justice fighting for their ancestral lands against successive Kenyan regimes,both at the Kenyan  high courts and the regional African court on human and peoples rights,in 2014 and 2017 respectively.
In both cases,the courts have pronounced themselves loud and clear on ogiek rights to their lands by delivering landmark rulings in their favour.
3 weeks ago,the govt of Kenya through the Kenya forest service begun an illegal,brutal eviction exercise against Ogiek community in the name of getting rid of forest encroachment. Ogieks have lived in Mau long before the Kenyan govt come into being.
This illegal exercise has turned members of the Ogiek community into internally displaced persons in their own lands.houses have been demolished, property destroyed and families scattered.over 300 families have now been displaced and more, exposed to the covid19 pandemic.
It is in this regard, that we at Program for the Heritage of Ogiek and Mother Earth (PROHOME)are seeking to raise  funds to support the affected families with basic necessities even as they ponder for their next course of action.
PROHOME is a community based organization that  Was founded to advocate and champion for the Ogiek Rights from Historical injustices meted to them since colonial period.PROHOME also endeavours to ensure that the environment which has been key to the Ogiek survival,is protected and conserved. www.ogiek-heritage.org 

The funds collected will be used to provide food and basic shelter to the affected families. 

For non monetary donations including food items, clothings, beddings,construction materials etc they can be chanelled to PROHOME Staff

Leonard Mindore:0724977439

Irene Rana :0702127166

Judy Kipkenda: 0798573232

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