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When Grace's search for a teaching job proved futile, she joinedhands with other teachers willing to change children's life though education and started a school. The start wasn't easy because most parents in the Community didn’t trust the new school with their children’s education. After gaining trust, the school has evolved over time and is now perceived as a community school. The enrollment has also increased to over 350 pupils with more that 80% of them from the community. A majority of the school staff also belong to the community. The school has also led to an increase in business opportunities for residents. Residents are the first priority for all procurements made which implies that most supplies to the school come from our community residents.

The Covid-19 lockdown has affected the progress the school has made so far. Our pupils with learning difficulties- who were receiving personalized attention from our teachers- are the most affected by this lockdown. It is not easy for them to follow the lessons broadcasted on television during this period. The livelihoods of our staff has also been affected severely as they solely relied on the school for a source of employment. The school is also unable to service their running loan due to lack of school fees payments. However, the school is making efforts to maintain a relationship with their pupils by passing on reading materials. This effort is free of charge and is well appreciated. 

To cushion these effects, the school has identified land where they can start both crop and livestock farming to cut down on the cost of feeding both the pupils and staff. Also they want children to learn farming skills and when they have excess they can sell to increase their income. They are planning to start a bakery, to supplement on what the children eat but also sell to the neighboring communities as well as training children in baking skills.

Your donation will help Grace ensure that many students in the community have an oasis of knowledge in the community. Thank you.

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