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"Apart from the 16 employees we house and feed, we also look after 13 dependents. At the moment, we can barely feed all our dependents because during the lock down all our savings and capital have been put to use with no sales to replenish. We have now been forced to request majority of our employees to go the village so they can feed on free food until the situation is a little better."

Andrew and Beatrice were a young couple who wanted to start a family but, with high levels of unemployment in Uganda, they did not have jobs to start their marriage life. Beatrice is a qualified midwife so she got a Visa to Canada and started working in a hospital. The money she made, after her expenses, she sent to Andrew to start a business. Andrew went to Southern Sudan where he started a bakery. He had just broken even when one day during unrest in the country, the locals burnt down the bakery. He ran for his life and came back to Uganda. He met a street boy, who knew how to make liquid soap. The street boy gladly taught Andrew how to make soap and assisted the couple start. In the process Andrew enrolled in a local school that trains people in different skills to be self- employed called “Telstar” where he learnt how to make cosmetics.

The street boy was still part of their lives when they started making cosmetics, but one day he decided to run away with money made out of sales and he never returned. They also lost a lot of money in the beginning. Sometimes they would unknowingly buy fake ingredients in bulk and their products would not come out as expected. Yet as per their principles of producing safe quality products, they would never sell poor quality products to their clients because this would negatively affect their starting business in the long run. 

The couple almost gave up after losing a lot of money. However, their passion and determination to create jobs for themselves and others, made them persevere with their business. After the lockdown, they hope to maintain their employess as business resumes well in the near future. 

Your donation will help Andrew and Beatrice access capital to replenish the business and build a home and factory in the piece of land they own in Katikamu - Kampala. This will help cut on costs and give their business more stabilitiy. 

They also need shareholders for corporate governance and business growth. They both would welcome training in business management after a catastrophe.

Thank you. 

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