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Shaleen's Education For Wildlife!

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Hi! My name is Shaleen Angwenyi. I am a 25 year old veterinarian from Nairobi, Kenya currently aspiring to specialize in wildlife health. My aspirations and passions seem to have been predestined by my upbringing as both nature and nurture played a role in me becoming the animal and nature lover that I am today. Being born in Kenya, I've had my fair share of exposure to wildlife due to the numerous numbers present in the wildlife reserves and national parks. The joy and admiration of driving down a road and seeing zebra, buffaloes, baboons and elephants by the roadside or even crossing the road has never faded. If anything, even after all these years, my excitement grows every time I see a wild animal.


The journey so far...

My work experience with wildlife began in February 2017 as an intern at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya. Here, I got to rescue and treat injured wild animals, capture animals for sample collection for research and learn the conservation efforts implemented, specifically in trying to protect rhinos from extinction. My most special memory was having the opportunity to assist in rearing the last three Northern White Rhinos!


In April 2019, I began a year-long internship with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), where I was placed with different mobile veterinary units across the country, with the majority of my internship based at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Through the year I learned about health issues affecting wildlife in different regions of the country, and the species affected. I took part in activities including immobilization, health assessment and treatment for a broad array of wildlife species, anaesthesia monitoring and captive wildlife care including feeding, health and welfare. I even got the opportunity to assist in the surgical repair of a fracture in a wild cheetah!


Through hands-on training I have developed a skill set in wildlife immobilization, having the ability to conduct immobilization, diagnosis and treatment of several different species under the supervision of experienced KWS veterinarians. 

As a young female veterinarian in a predominantly male wildlife veterinary career track, I am trailblazing the way forward for other women who follow in my footsteps. And this is why I chose to further my education in this beautiful field.


The journey ahead...

I am planning to pursue a master’s degree as of September 2020 from the University of Bristol in Global Wildlife Health and Conservation. This is a one year program that will enable me to build skills in both research methods and practical conservation techniques in wildlife care, rehabilitation, diseases, captive wildlife management and wildlife conservation. I plan to focus my thesis on the African painted dogs (Lycaon pictus) in northern Kenya. I will work through the lens of the One Health approach, looking at the interactions between wildlife, domestic animals, and humans to guide future conservation management of endangered species.


Where you come in...

Having both parents currently in retirement and two younger brothers still in high school, I need to raise funds to be able to cover the program's expenses. I am blessed to have received scholarships from the University of Bristol and the Wildlife Conservation Network, that will enable me to cover part of my tuition and my research. However, I still need to raise funds for the remaining tuition fee, travelling costs and accommodation costs which totals to approximately $14,000 that I will need by September 15th to be able to travel to the UK.


These funds will enable me to not only focus on succeeding in my education but also be able to come back home and implement what I'll have learnt for the wildlife that is truly the heart of our country.


Please share as much as you can, every penny counts!! Thank you!

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