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12 Years A Warrior

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My name is Dorothy Wanjiru Gachie. I'm 34  years old. 12 years ago, on July 18th 2008, I was a 22-year old waitress at Roasters Inn, Thika Road. One morning, after my night shift, I was crossing Thika Road onto the other side when a stray matatu rammed into me, hit me, flung me up in the air, threw me metres away and left me for dead.

I immediately damaged my spinal cord, saw my blood create a river down the road, felt numb and passed out. I was supposed to be dead. 

But I later woke up at Nairobi Hospital surrounded by family, and later Kenyatta Hospital for months and then The Spinal Injuries Hospital in Hurlingham.

It's been a journey of pure tears, pain, sorrow, struggle, anguish and darkness. But I have conquered it all and remained alive... 12 years later, on my wheelchair.

And because July is the International Disability Pride month, I have decided to stand up for myself and my kind - the paraplegic Community of Kenya and most importantly, those at my former home, The Spinal Injuries Hospital, Nairobi.

I will be wheeling myself from my hometown of Embu to Nairobi (130 kilometres) to raise at least Ksh. 2 million for new Wheelchairs, Therapy, Catheters, Medications, Physiotherapy, Special Necessities and other needs for Myself and those of my type.

Kindly, WHEEL ALONG with me from EMBU to Nairobi as I seek to raise the amount.

ANY AMOUNT will be highly appreciated.

My Twitter hashtag is #12YearsAWarrior.

Thank You.

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