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Joyce was inspired to venture into the candle making business by a friend who was in the same business. She kicked off with the business when she got some one who was selling her the candle making machine at a low price. She started small by supplying to households in her neighborhood who neither had electricity nor solar in their homes and also to a few shops around her. These customers then refered her to others customers. Her candle business makes it possible for low income people in her village area- without access to electricity or solar- to light their homes at night. Most of these families have school going children who need to revise at night or early morning when it is still dark.

In order to keep themselves safe from COVID-19, many of the households in Joyce's community including her 4 employees travelled back to their villages which are more spacious and where they had already planted food. This has caused a very big drop in the number of customers who buy her candles. The shops that she also supplies candles to were similary affected and also record very low sales which implies a big drop in demand for her candles. The gov't lockdown measures shut down the cheap and convenient Bodaboda transport which she often used to supply her stock and procure raw-materials. The raw materials too have become rare and very expensive as a result of the lockdown effects.

All these has slowed down her business almost grounding it to a halt. She no longer consistently produces candles as before. Some of the households and shops that used to take candles on credit have also not paid since the lockdown was effected. This too has greatly reduced the capital for her business. Since most of her debtors are people from her community, she expects them to pay as soon as the situation changes.

Because Joyce's Candle making business is well supported by a big number of customers in her community she expects a quick re-start if she is able to get some capital to boost it. Every donation you make will help Joyce ensure this. Joyce also plans to purchase a machine to enable her produce cheaper candles which she knows her customer will be able to easily afford after the lockdown. This cheaper candles will allow her to easily and quickly get back into business. She also has plans to start making uniquely branded party candles for decoration which she anticipates may have few suppliers but may be on higher demand as the situation improves.

Donate now and help Joyce to continue being a 'source of light' to many in her community.

Thank you! 

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