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Badili Zone Library Renovation

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Mukuru Kwa Reuben community, located in Nairobi Kenya has more than 18 schools but only two of them have almost adequately equipped libraries that the rest of the schools do not have access to. That leaves us with the main question, what happens to the rest of the students in other schools? This among others, is the bitter reality of the experience of the students who live in vulnerable places such as the slums in Nairobi.

Badili Zone Organization aims to provide sustainable solutions that ensure all students from the slum have access to quality education and opportunities to change the narrative. As part of our work, late last year, we officially launched a community library in Mukuru Community where the students access learning materials, get mentored, access sanitary pads, and take part in other activities that facilitate their personal growth and development.

Recently, we have been faced with a flooding tragedy that has led to some books being spoilt. It has also created a limitation where the students can access the library only when it hasn’t rained. We consulted an expert who has a pre-understanding of the premises and he explained that a permanent solution would be raising the floor of the library building and using waterproof cement to finish the floor.

The hardest thing that we are usually forced to do whenever it rains is looking at a student’s face while telling them that they cannot access the library because it has flooded. It has been very heartbreaking, and we are looking forward to sorting this issue once and for all.

The main objective of this fundraising is for the renovation of the community library to prevent the library from flooding, an activity that needs 300,000 Kenya Shillings, an equivalent of approximately 2,815 USD.

Kindly contribute to the achievement of our target which is going to help students in the slums have access to quality education and other opportunities uninterrupted for the actualization of SDG4, Quality Education, and SDG10, Reduced Inequality.

Let us come together to make quality education and access to opportunities a reality for all students regardless.

Let's leave no child behind.

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