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Hospital Bill For Phoebe Asaka

Hello. Please help me raise some funds to cater for my grandmas unfortunate amputation. The funds will cater for her meds and physiotherapy bills. Thank you

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Hey guys, so it's been a really tough couple of months for everyone ?...but it's been especially hard for me and my family. 

My grandma recently got diagnosed with cellulitis,a bacterial infection that affects the skin on the lower part of the legs. It spreads really fast and the patients health rapidly deteriorates.

Unfortunately for my grandma the infection spread and got worse, hence the need for an emergency amputation. She's currently at Gendia hospital, in Kendu Bay in the care of loving family and on the clock medics who have her best interests at heart ♥. 

I want to take this opportunity to kindly ask for financial assistance. We're finding it really hard to raise the money needed to for the surgery, and afterwards the physiotherapy she'll need to go through since she'll lack one of her limbs.

Please please please, anything you decide to share will be highly appreciated ??.i'm really hoping that we can pull through as a community and help my family raise the needed funds.  

Thank you so much and may God bless you. 

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