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Baby Tina Achieng

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There is nothing that brings so much happiness as that of a dear sweet child to love , to hold and carress.Baby Tina was born healthy and very strong. The past two years she only had minor complications . After her second birthday she changed and was later diagnosed with a congenital heart defect .Her condition is getting worse she  cannot walk , talk or even smile back she is too weak and sick to even sit up. Her only hope of ever being normal again is surgery. Unfortunately her family cannot afford to meet her medical bills. 

Baby Tina is young , jovial and very entertaining at times. She loves dancing to music and sings along to songs most time we don't even understand what she sings about .  At the moment she is unable to do any of that.  We are asking you to stand with her during this difficult and painful phase of her life . She needs your prayers and support. Let's help baby Tina smile and dance again.

With God everything is possible

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