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Tony Ouma School Fees

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Hello, My name is Tony Ouma. Im 20 years of age currently living in Kisumu Kenya.

I am a total opharn, i never got the opportunity to see my mum. My dad past away in 2007 after the post election violence.

I lived at my Aunts place for a period of more than 5 years. After i was through with my grade eight National Exams, thats where misery started beating me. 

I had difficulties in Joining Grade 9 that was way back in 2014 due to lack of funds. Luckily through the help of well wishers i got support and joined high school for the first time. I was glad and pleased to upgrade from wearing short to trouser.

In 2015, again things started being harder after my aunt the person whom was dearest and relied on left me to survive on my own since my body had started becoming muscular transforning from a boy to a man.

I had to drop out since i could raise money to pay my school fees by myself, while from school to go insearch of food to eat, soap and other  basic needs.

I was left in a dillema and found myself amongst street children.I dropped out of  school in Grade 10 in 2015 Second Semester from St. Marks obambo secondary school.

Later in the year 2018, i got an opportunity to join school again since i was ambitious to become and engeenier and out of my savings Yes, i got to join Nyanginja secondary school in second semester.

Early 2019, with the donation from a friend, i transfered to Ogada secondary school in Grade 11.

Im glad to say i managed to push things smoothly despite the up and downs in between after been sent of severally and keep on going back.

I have a rented house bill to pay, food and at the same time a student. My mode of hustle is weeding on people farm and doing mjengos(Building constructions) and other stuffs since i have no skills and certificate to put myself amongs other ordinary kenyans and in specific general people.

Later in the month of June 2020, i got to came across this website called Changa founded by Safaricom, i believe with the help of them after this difficult times of pandemic i might be in a postion to raise enough school fees and additional God willing to purchase items to keep me in school since im in a boarding school. Havent had an idea how a bursary is being applied, i've just been remaining loyal and humble having hopes God will provide.

This is just a brief review of my story and ill be much grateful and thankful for donation from any well wisher.

And God bless you Abundantly.

Tony Blare Ouma.

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