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Help Me Start A Clothing Shop

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My name is Mouline, I am a teacher working for the community in the Mara, I kindly request you assist me raise funds for my clothes shop in the Mara. I plan to put Maasai shukas in the shop, maasai jewellries and other accessories. This is a place that can help raise standards for members of this community when they buy from the shop at an affordable price. I will also purpose to employ some ladies from the community to sell in the shop and by that the shop shall have created employment for a few community members.

The location of the shop is in the middle of the Maasai Mara community at a place called Talek and has a big room that can be used as a cloths store as well to supply in different arears in the community. I would request you assist me raise a total of $1200 of which $600 will be for paying the rental space for six months and the remaining $600 will be for getting the first stock of items.

I will appreciate if this assistance is accorded to me and to help embrace change within the community.

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