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Stop Police Brutality In Kenya

Support grassroots human rights defenders fighting police brutality and extrajudicial killings in Kenya’s slums

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As the world mourns George Floyd’s death in the US, young people in poor neighborhoods in Kenya’s cities also face police abuse, brutality and extra-judicial killings on a regular basis. With the dawn-to-dusk curfew implemented in late March to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, which has been heavily and lethally enforced by Kenya Police, extra-judicial killings have spiked. In the past two months alone, at least 15 Kenyans have died at the hands of police officers, with little or no accountability. This includes a 13-year old boy, Yassin Hussein Moyo, shot to death by the police while standing on his balcony. 

Grassroots Kenyan organizations fighting police brutality need your support. Ghetto Foundation and Mathare Social Justice Centre were founded by young people from Mathare, an informal settlement in Nairobi, to document these extrajudicial killings and campaign for justice. They have been working together for years to monitor human rights abuses, document police brutality cases, organize protests, and support court cases for victims. As part of the Social Justice Centres Working Group, they campaign for accountability for the police officers and respect for the lives of the poor.

These organizations have been doing amazing work on a small budget and often at tremendous personal risk to the human rights monitors themselves. With financial support, they can make an even bigger impact. The money raised in this campaign will go towards: 

  • Training human rights monitors on how to document police abuses
  • Daily stipends for human rights defenders- a small fee of 500-1,000 ksh ($5-$10) per day for work which can often risk their lives
  • Witness protection for those who speak out about police brutality 
  • Rapid response fund to cover lawyers and bail fees for anyone arrested peacefully protesting the police
  • Organization of protests (organizer and marshal stipends, venue, placards, tshirts, etc.)
  • Hospital bills and court cases for police brutality victims

All donations will go to the bank account of Ghetto Foundation, a registered community-based organization in Kenya. To learn more or for details about giving a tax deductible donation for US taxpayers, please email stoppolicebrutalityKE@gmail.com.

For more information on police killings in  Mathare, see this report by MSJC:  https://www.matharesocialjustice.org/who-is-next/

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