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Denzel's Breast Surgery

Am appealing to well wishers to come and help me raise the funds for my son's surgery. Any amount will count however little you have and together we can do it.

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My name is Lillian the mother to Denzel my life has been full of struggle that don't bear much fruits that could help me have a roof over my head. After completion of my secondary school education though with a lot of limitations in terms of school fees, food and shelter, I thought that I may find even a ''Kibarua'' that would help me pay for the arrears in school and be able to get my certificate. I tried the best I could for one whole year but all in vain so I decided to go for the opportunity that was available as a house help which help me to pay for the arrears.

I conceived Denzel as a result of looking for a shelter when I was chased by my sister who followed me up to where I went to seek for refuge at my second cousin whom agreed to stay with me. As if it was not enough she went as far as convincing my cousin not stay with me since am a grown up and therefore I should sort out myself. Before I think of what next, one day in the morning my cousin just gave a surprise that she is vacating the house and she won’t be able to accommodate me anymore.

I now decided to take desperate measures to curb the desperate situation before me and as a result of this I managed to get a Good Samaritan who offered me a shelter. I stayed for two weeks and afterwards one thing led to the other and I conceived. I took three months not knowing what transpired until I become very sick then I went to hospital where they confirmed that am pregnant with typhoid and malaria. My future looked foggy, I went to Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground Kisumu and cried out my lungs as though the world could open and swallow me up. Mind you at this time round I was living at my primary school mate place since the owner of the pregnancy had disappeared into the thin air, one day I came home from college only to find that he has vacated the house and left me my clothes in a polythene bag.

Denzel come to my life in the middle of my darkest moments and he gave me a reason to shoulder on with life come what may. He has been my light until the year 2017 when the unimaginable happen to him, he started developing big boobs as a teenage girl. I consulted a doctor who advised me to give them time that in two years’ time they will disappear. I have waited for the two years which never was instead they increased in size.

The main reason for this story is to appeal to the well-wishers who are in the position to help me raise funds towards my son’s surgery.

Let me pen down here because I can compile a whole book. May God bless you all. 



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