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C.G.G is taking care of the vulnarable street families in our society by providing foodstuff during this times of the pandemic.Thank you for your donation

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Chosen Generation Global is a Christian non-profit making program based in Nairobi that was instituted in January 2020 with the main aim of transforming lives through the integration of street families and impacting their lives through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

The organization incorporates but is not limited to feeding street families.


Our vison is to see lives of the vulnerable in the society transformed and impacted through the transforming the power of the Holy Spirit.


To make God known through evangelism, discipleship and mentorship.


The goal of this micro project is to share the love of Jesus Christ to the vulnerable people in our society by providing them with foodstuffs during this times of the pandemic and beyond. We have narrowed down our scope to street families and centered our initial project to those living within Nairobi and its environs due to the containment measures put up by the Kenyan government. Our ultimate desire is to see the lives of these street families completely transformed by the Holy Spirit. The effect of this will be their individual longing to be rehabilitated and schooled thus making the society we live in a better place.

Our main initiative is to carry out a weekly feeding program to about 250 individuals living in the different streets of Nairobi.


The problem at hand is that the population of street families increase in millions all over the world a day and in Kenya alone in hundreds of thousands. This is attributed to different factors some of which are: domestic abuse in homes, orphanage with no family member willing to take up responsibility, peer pressure just but to mention a few.

With this in mind we find that life in the street is not easy at all. The individuals residing there need to find food to eat and clothes to keep warm and a place to lay their heads. And with no jobs, they resort to robbing people, and even taking lives of their victims for them to be able to put food in their mouths. Some find their food from the bins and others recourse to begging. Some even enter into the drug culture and it gets worse.


It is with this in our hearts that we yearn to reach out to these souls and reflect the love of Jesus Christ to them by feeding them and trying to meet their needs even as we evangelize to them.

Only God can make the world a better place and change the lives and mindsets of these individuals. We do have the aspiration but the financial incapacity is what brings us to this platform to be able to facilitate our efforts.

Long – Term Impact

In the long term our goal to see the lives and souls of many of the street families reached and transformed. This will overflow in making the society a better place to live in with cohesion and love. We also anticipate to see some, if not all rehabilitated and pulled out of the drug culture and some going to school and working. We intend to partner with rehabilitation centers, homes, schools and even companies that will hire them.

Monthly Budget


Number of persons


 Amount (Ksh.)



3 days a week  3*4 weeks = 12 times a month * Ksh. 50 per person




2 masks * Ksh.100 each = Ksh.200





Ksh. 200 per visit per person per day * 12 times = Ksh. 2,400 per month





Ksh. 50 per person *12 times= Ksh. 600


Fueling food and product trucks


Ksh. 3,000 per day * 12 times


Emergency Fund








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