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Leparua 480 People Food Drive

Donate $15 and feed a family for a week in Leparua Conservancy, Northern Kenya.

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Leparua Conservancy Community is in Isiolo County in the northern part of Kenya.It is  semi-arid and experiences periodic droughts, and has recently been badly affected by the locust infestation. They are now affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The plagues of locusts have  reduced plant cover and the Coronavirus  has reduced household incomes and closed local livestock markets. For these reasons lack of food has become a major problem   The community borders the Lewa and Borana conservancies, it is a member of Northern Rangelands Trust and the area is a critical corridor for wildlife moving in and out of Lewa and Borana .
The Conservancy is maintained by the Community and has been one of the sources of income. However the current Covid-19 crisis has badly affected tourism and therefore, for example, the women cannot sell their beadwork to get money to provide food for their families. The women also buy foodstuffs from the markets in the towns nearby and re-sell in their community.  The current lockdown has prevented them from doing so.
Until recently a few young men have found employment in  local lodges and hotels and in the conservancies , enabling them to provide for their families. Due to the Pandemic most  have closed and sent their employees  home leading to unemployment for these young men. The conservancies themselves are unable to maintain their Staff indefinately without income from Tourists .
The loss of tourism income due to the Pandemic, following on from the locust plague is directly affecting the Communities’ ability to feed itself. The closing of local schools has also resulted in many children not receiving regular meals.
Sankei Kachiro is a son of Leparua community. Growing up, he experienced firsthand the struggles of his community. He set his mind to help his community and empower them in looking for solutions that could create a sustainable way of life. 
He was lucky to have received a further education in Tourism and Conservation  and thereafter worked in Meru County as a tour guide. 
Sankei and likeminded people from his community have formed a committee and founded a community-based organization to help the people of Leparua community. 
Our goal is to raise $15000 to help feed over 80 households of between 5-7 people in the conservancy through this Covid-19 crisis and its impact in particular alleviating hunger. As incomes have virtually dried up we need funding to make this possible. 
The funds will be used to provide basic foods; flour, beans, rice, maize and cooking oil in particular in addition to transportation from Isiolo, the nearest town. The Community Based Organization is a registered organization and has a working bank account and an online fundraising platform (M-changa) with a system of accountability in place.
$30 will buy beans for a week for a family of 3 people.
$60 will feed an average of 4 people per week.
$100 will support a family of 6 with maize flour, beans, rice and cooking oil.
$120 will give a family of 8 people maize flour, beans, rice and cooking oil for a week. This will also cover transportation costs from Isiolo town to Leparua Conservancy.
Community Leaders will ensure effective distribution to families most in need. 


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