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Solution To Help Eradicate Malaria

Help the boys from the Junior Achievement Club eradicate Malaria in their community with a homegrown solution - Built for Kenya by Kenyans

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Brian Kariu, Austin Osumba , Lewis Mwaura, and Austin Kimathi are Form Three High School Students from Lenana Boys’ High School, Nairobi. They joined the Junior Achievement Club that exposes and equips students with skills and knowledge on Entrepreneurship and Financial literacy in 2014 while in their second year of High School to participate in the Social Innovation Relay. They came up with a project to prevent one of the most rampant diseases in Africa, Malaria. 

“Malaria kills one child every minute in Africa, every year 216 Million cases in Africa still occur in Sub- Saharan Africa”

On carefully studying the life pattern of the insect and discovering that they have a good sense of smell and are attracted by the carbon dioxide emitted by human beings the four boys designed a trap for mosquitoes which contains a mixture of Yeast, Sugar and Water. The yeast is essential for breaking down the sugar solution to produce carbon and ethyl. Once the insects are in the trap, they will remain in it until they die of starvation.

The aim of this innovation is championed towards achieving the 6th Millennium Development Goal which states the need to combat diseases such as Malaria. The four innovators are passionate towards creating a working solution for Africa by Africans.

“Millennium Development Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases; Target 6.C: Have halted by 2015 and begun to reverse the incidence of malaria and other major diseases “

The implementation of this project would require funds to create a working prototype totaling to about 1000 USD and thereafter produce and distribute the traps to about 250 families across Kenya costing 5000 – 10000 USD. 

“We want to join the fight against Malaria, we cannot just sit back and watch people die, we want to gather the support from the world and eradicate Malaria for good” 

(Brian Kariu  Human Resource Director, Malre Company)

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