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Community Support Against COVID-19

Donate to support IMPACT's efforts against the spread of COVID-19 in Northern Kenya.

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Numerous pastoral indigenous communities of Northern Kenya are facing great danger tied to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and desert locust invasion. The Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation (IMPACT) is a registered non-profit seeking to support these communities in the counties of Marsabit, Isiolo, Laikipia and Samburu. These communities require urgent relief.


The threat to livelihoods and food security

The pastoralists rely on the sale of livestock in local markets to ensure food security. In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 through Kenya, the government has closed livestock markets, stripping pastoral communities of their income. Without these marketplaces, pastoralists cannot afford to buy basic food commodities. This pandemic is a serious threat to their survival, and it is anticipated that the lack of food will trigger conflicts within and between communities.


In addition to facing the impacts of COVID-19, pastoralists of Northern Kenya are burdened with the catastrophic consequences of the current locust outbreak. Since the onset of the outbreak, in December 2019, locusts have devastated millions of acres of pastures and crops, further increasing the risk of food insecurity. Complementary income streams such as ecotourism activities have also come to a halt because of the virus, putting close to six million indigenous pastoralists at risk of starvation.


To fight this, IMPACT and its partners have already supplied 100 food packs to vulnerable elderly individuals in Laikipia. Each food pack, including transportation and delivery costs, is worth 2,250 KES (or about 21 $US) and supports a family of three to five for up to four weeks. With your donations, IMPACT will continue to provide food packs to local families. While delivering the food packs, IMPACT staff wears personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves from COVI-19 and reduce the risk of infecting communities.


Transgenerational rituals and ceremonies in the COVID-19 context 

Rites of passage and other rituals are a key component of indigenous communities’ collective identities. Among the Samburu people, these rituals last three months and require households to relocate to sacred villages. Each of these sacred villages – locally known as “Lorora” – houses up to 600 individuals, who gather daily to take part in sacred rituals. The spread of COVID-19 poses a direct threat to these traditional practices. Not being able to proceed with these rituals will cause great harm to indigenous communities, eroding their sense of community identity.


In order to support these communities through their rituals and ceremonies, IMPACT is attempting to provide urgent support and assistance to more than 1000 vulnerable households spread across Laikipia, Isiolo, Samburu and Marsabit counties. Concretely, this means providing information, essential commodities and sanitizer to more than 135,000 individuals.


What will your donations help IMPACT accomplish?

In its strategy against COVID-19, IMPACT targets the most vulnerable – the old without care, those who suffer from poverty – and collaborates with communities and government leaders to identify their needs.


Thanks to your donations, IMPACT will:

- Raise awareness and spread information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in remote communities. 

- Fight food insecurity by providing food packs (including maize flour, rice, beans, cooking oil, porridge flour and water) to those in need. 

- Supply clean water tanks and disinfectant soaps in public places and villages. 

- Design emergency support and evactuation plans for those in need of medical attention. 


 To accomplish this, IMPACT will work with members of the Pastoralists Alliance for Resilience and Adaptation in North Kenya (PARAN).


For more information, please visit our website at  www.impactrtrustkenya.org or reach out to the following e-mail addresses: impactkenya2002@gmail.com or olekaunga@impacttrustkenya.org or olekaunga@gmail.com





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