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My name is Anastacia Ngunjiri, my goal for starting this fundraiser is to raise money for my Master's in Public Policy at Sciences Po University in France.

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This is one of the most difficult appeals I have ever written throughout my life due to the current situation that continues to hold so many lives hostage. As I write this to you, my sincere hope is that you are well, safe and healthy; and even to victims of the ongoing pandemic; I trust that you will emerge stronger, my prayers are with you.

Despite the ongoing crisis, my aspirations in life still remain. My goal in life is to give as many children as possible an opportunity to learn and aspire for more regardless of where they come from. This is why when I received an offer to pursue Masters in Public Policy (https://www.sciencespo.fr/public/en/content/master-public-policy.html ) at Sciences Po University in France this August, I knew that it was another opportunity for me to equip myself with the tools and skills to improve lives through sustainable measures; a chance for me to create opportunities for other children who grew up like me or even in far deplorable conditions.

I have been privileged to experience kindness in so many stages of my life through people who believed in me. There are times, it got overwhelming but we pushed even harder. Sustainable change lies in creation and improvement of systems that cushion the vulnerable in the community. I am proud of organizations like Compassion International which seek to improve the lives of families by 'Releasing children from poverty in Jesus name'. I am honored to have successfully walked the journey with them. Their kindness and that of strangers who became family to me encouraged me to be a changemaker. 

This opportunity is a chance for me to step in the gap and making a greater difference beyond the community outreach programs that involve donations and handouts to families. I have done that for quite sometime and this is an opportunity for me to change the narrative. This is why after my undergraduate studies in International Relations, I developed an interest in public policy hence the choice of the program for graduate studies. The realization of my aspirations through this program calls for your financial support.  Your donation will immensely support my dream as I seek to raise tuition fees for the program. I received a partial funding from the French government through Eiffel Scholarship.  https://www.sciencespo.fr/students/en/finance/financial-aid/eiffel-scholarship.html and the university's Émile-Boutmy financial aid.  https://www.sciencespo.fr/students/en/fees-funding/financial-aid/emile-boutmy-scholarship.html The total cost of tuition amounts to 19400 euros (2.4 million Kenya Shillings) for the entire program. Your assistance in raising the tuition fees will go a long way in making a positive difference in my life and those who I seek to empower and transform with these skills and knowledge.

I owe my life to humanity because I am product of compassion!



Anastacia Ngunjiri.


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