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Usikimye GBV Kitty Fund

The sexual and gender-based violence spike in Kenya as people stay home draws attention to urgent intervention. Help someone stay alive today!

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These last 2 months, we have had to rescue a lot of women, children and men. We have held long phone calls with victims, the police, and safe houses in coordination. 

A lot of sexual and domestic violence victims are confined in isolation with their violent partners and a lot of children are stuck with enablers of their abusers during this period. We have a curfew from 7, and this means that a lot of women are unable to leave their homes and do not have the resources to get help from police stations, and hospitals and safe houses.

As days go by, we are unable to keep up with the rescues. This is mostly because, our co-founders self-fund most of the needs such as cab fares, airtime, purchase of basic food for anyone relocating, and much more. 

We are looking for an extra Ksh 10,000 each month to top up with what we have (our contribution as founders) so that we are able to keep doing the rescues and relocations.  We also need 21,000 each month for our safe house. 

We have also set aside a budget of 16,000 monthly to relocate survivors and also set up a small scale business for them.

Together, we can save a life today!

Donate, share, and also, reach out in case of any issues 

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