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Usikimye GBV Kitty Fund

Support Kenya's sexual and gender based violence rescue center and safe house.

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Usikimye means, do not be silent in Swahili. Usikimye is a movement working towards ending the prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence (GBV) in Kenya.


Usikimye provides comprehensive services that include emergency rescue interventions, psychosocial programs and ongoing post rescue help. We work in and with our communities to undertake GBV family victim rescues and to provide re-homing and short-term safe rooms. We guide them through engaging medical care providers and professional services; and facilitate their interface with the police and other government agencies.


We also guide victims and survivors with access to:


Medical evaluations and treatment

Emergency contraceptives

Laboratory services

Trauma counseling

Paralegal services

We are a women led service reliant on volunteer time of the co-founders for the general operations; salaried caregivers to take care of the victims and survivors; security for the safehouses; and paid social workers who do the rescues alongside the founders.


We are a volunteer-based organization, and so administration costs are limited. The bulk of our budget goes to operational rescues and funding the safe homes. Each rescue costs approximately: $45 for transportation; $30 for food and supplies per person rescued; and another $20 for miscellaneous costs.


So, why are we fundraising?


Our vision is to scale-up our programs to provide a model for nation-wide expansion so that care can be provided to GBV victims and survivors across Kenya. Our hope is that similar on-the-ground initiatives can be successful across the African continent to help GBV survivors worldwide to embark on their difficult journey to safety and to rebuild their lives.


Our invaluable services impact beneficiaries in our community:


Victims in imminent danger

Families in need of rehoming and culturally responsive therapy

Emergency child interventions in partnership with local government Children Officers

Survivors who have re-established themselves but continue to suffer from lasting trauma

Government, police and other entities that interface with GBV victims and survivors

The public through data collection and education campaigns

The community through advocacy that personalize and raises public concern





Since we use different taxis for collection and extraction. This is not ideal for our victims, survivors and the social workers. We would love greater anonymity of the safe house, ease of rescue, ease of activities in terms of transportation. We wanted to purchase 2 rescue vans(we have purchased one already through the combined efforts of well wishers), and to expand with 5-10 more safe houses and rescue teams in neighboring communities.




We want our operations to be fully self-sustaining through ownership of property:


Acquire and own land including farmland to cultivate staple food.

Create income generating activities such as farming, producing local items for international sale.

Open a technology training center to assist women and girls to use the internet and develop marketable skills, undertake training and/or courses.

Purchase computers and tablets, increase internet broadband service and provide computer literacy training for children who need to access school online.

Maintenance and Operations


We would want to provide job opportunities for women we rescue by allowing them to work with the organization until they are able to sustain themselves.

With expansion we will need maintenance and an operating team to handle increasing demands, and to respond to appeals for rescue support.

We need technical support to increase publication of data we produce which is relied upon by the public local officials and the police. This way we can increase our “Humanizing the Data” Project and raise public awareness, track progress and enhance lobbying activities.

Change happens over time and we’ve been seeing the impact of our positive ambitions. We will be happy to have you walk this journey with us.

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