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The #Pads4Slums Campaign seeks to raise resources to help 500,000 girls of Menstruation Age from informal settlements access Sanitary Pads.

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The eruption of the Corona Virus Disease towards the end of 2019 (COVID-19 has disorganized lives, destabilized economic setups and disrupted income flows for many families. Contextually, in Kenya – where more than half of the population is either unemployed or underemployed – this disruption has had an astronomical impact of the MENSTRUAL HEALTH and HYGIENE to girls who have reached the menstruation age.

Most of the school going girls of menstruation age rely heavily on Sanitary Donations from the government and NGAF Initiative through the Ministry of Education. However, this cycle has been disrupted greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic as most of them are home with little or no access to the essential supplies.

So many families living in poverty in our areas struggle to afford to provide shelter and food for their families. Add to that the critical need to provide warm clothing during the cold time of the year, and there is simply no money remaining to purchase sanitary pads. We cannot ignore the very sad fact that children from low-income families will suffer more disadvantages compared to their peers from moderate- to upper-income households. This means they cannot afford to spare Ksh.100 for sanitary pads leaving the girls exposed to unhygienic menstrual management.

Thousands of girls of menstruation age living in poverty in Kenya need a better start in life on every monthly/menstrual cycle with a gift of sanitary pads, a gift that promises to keep on giving throughout their lifetime. Menstrual management is fundamental, some of the nation's largest menstrual cycle non-profits report that over two-thirds of girls living in poverty have no access to sanitary pads at home. These girls are at risk of contracting menstrual related diseases.

Team Environment Association envisions a global community that empowers, upholds the dignity and protects the rights of every GirlChild. The initiatives philosophy is, “Leave No Girl Behind.” The Pads for the Vulnerable and less fortunate Campaign was conceptualized with a goal of advancing the rights of a GirlChild, especially those who have attained the Menstruation age, those coming from the informal and low income settlement areas, those coming from less privileged economic backgrounds and the oppressed ones. It aims at highlighting their needs and soliciting support from well-wishers and donors.

Girls who have access to sanitary towels are solid readers, perform better in school, have a healthy self-image, and become lifelong achievers, adding to their viability in a competitive world. The #Pads4Slums campaign focuses on impacting on these girls’ lives with the mission of promoting better menstrual cycle management and hygienic practices, which is also in line with the global and national campaigns to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The #Pads4Slums Campaign establishes a platform where donations in terms of sanitary towels, cash, advocacy, and menstrual health education sponsorships are consolidated and made available to the vulnerable in Nairobi’s informal settlements.

The #Pads4Slums Campaign Overview

The #Pads4Slums Campaign seeks to raise resources to help 500,000 girls of Menstruation Age from informal settlements access Sanitary Pads. The project calls upon Non-Government Organizations, Charities, Corporates, the Private Sector, well-wishers and Individuals to join hands in ensuring the menstrual health and hygiene of these girls is not compromised.

The key localities of focus

The initiative is aimed at supporting the GirlChild in the informal settlement schemes all across the county of Nairobi these are: Kibra, Mathare, Kawangware, Kayole, Kariobangi, Mukuru, Kangemi, Dandora, Lucky summer, Kiamaiko, Women in Prisons and the Street Families. The project will go a long way in addressing the quality of life and improving the menstrual health of these girls.

Campaign Goal

Ensure that 500,000 girls of menstruation age from low income areas in Nairobi and the counties beyond have access to Sanitary Pads until the COVID 19 pandemic is successfully contained.

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