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On May 4th 2020, over 4000 families were unlawfully evicted from their homes in Kariobangi North. Join us to raise funds to help the affected families.

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11th December 2020


Dear Donor,

I created this fundraising as an emergency response initiative to support families in Kariobangi North who were unlawfully evicted by the government on May 4th, 2020 in the middle of a pandemic. It brings me so much joy to inform you that through your generous donations, this kitty was able to raise almost 2Million KES (20,000 $) in less than one month which doubled the initial target of 1Million KES (10,000 $). 


In order to quickly meet the needs of most families in the shortest time possible, I created a committee of volunteers to support the development of strategy, reconciliation of data, and administration of the funds. I also obtained all required permits for this project which included; an approval letter for the fundraising from the county government and distribution permits from the Kenya Covid-19 Fund which ensured we were working within strict government health regulations.


We started with the identification and verification process through the support of Holy Trinity Catholic Church Kariobangi, community elders through the Nyumba Kumi initiative, and local authorities (D.O and Chief). This enabled us to assess the needs of hundreds of families which guided all the phases of our intervention where each phase targeted a minimum of 100 families. Through the church, we also established a distribution channel for non-monetary donations and community volunteers to support the field operations where we successfully ran four phases. 


The donations were given in form of relief care packages worth KES 2700 ($27) to last a household for two weeks and KES 3000 ($30) crash transfer payments as a stimulus package to cover rent for up to three months. Each package had the following items: 2kg maize meal, 2kg rice, 2kg beans, 2litres cooking oil, bar soap, 2kg sugar, 2kg green grams, 4 tissue rolls, 4 packets sanitary pads, 1kg salt, and 5 packets of long-life milk. Through a partnership with Africa's Talking, they enabled bulk payments to be transferred to the families in one click through their innovative cash transfer platform. 


In September, Anjarwalla & Khanna Advocates made a donation of relief care packages to 175 families. So far, we have managed to successfully impact close to 600 families. Let's keep the amazing momentum going to reach even more families!


Loise Machira- Founder, The Relief Connect


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