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Gitonga Everest Expedition 2022

Help Gitonga raise Kes 6.5M for his bid to become the first black Kenyan to Climb Mt. Everest to inspire his children and every Kenyan to live true their dreams

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A story of hope, inspiration, and humanity that speaks to us all. It is not a story of a man who achieves an end goal, but a father who can powerfully and authentically articulate the struggle most of us go through in our everyday lives- wanting to pursue our passions and our dreams but finding that doubts, fears, finances, and 'societal norms' can get in the way.

Gitonga Wandai is a man with a vision, a resilient spirit, and giant dreams! And at present, one of his biggest visions is to summit Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world at 8,848 meters above sea level!

Gitonga’s fighting spirit was nurtured as he was growing up in Kiangima Village, on the slopes of the Aberdares, in Nyeri County. It’s from watching how his widowed mother single-handedly raised 9 children that Gitonga learned the value of hard work. Gitonga’s father passed away when he was only one.

His older siblings chipped in to put him through high school and the University, modeling for him the significance of helping others in need.

One of the best gifts Gitonga’s Mum ever gifted him was the freedom to pursue his truest passions. And he has not been shy in living out this gift… Gitonga’s love for the trails started about 15 years ago when as a Kenyatta University student, he went on his first hike organized by the Presidents’ Awards Club!

The 3-Day trek in the hilly villages of Machakos was an immensely tough ordeal that pushed his limits… Yet he found a new lease for life on the trails! Through this experience, he gained a deep appreciation for protecting the environment and being in the great outdoors!

That fire, ignited in his heart, later culminated in the founding of Hikemaniak Limited, an adventure company that organizes mountain climbs, hikes, and adventure sports.

In 2016, Gitonga gained the courage to resign from his full-time M&E Expert job to pursue his passions and build his business. While it was a scarily big gamble, Gitonga had never felt more alive and fulfilled!

The next year Gitonga sold his car to raise funds that would enable him to Trek the Everest Base Camp, in the Himalayas. It turned out to be a life-changing experience that affirmed his dream of summiting the Everest- someday!

Today, Gitonga Wandai has made his indelible mark in the African mountain climbers’ community! He has summited the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895m) 13 times! And he’s summited Mount Kenya (4,985m) over 20 times, Mount Ruwenzori (5,109m) in Uganda once…and still counting!

Nevertheless, his dream to summit Mount Everest has continued to blaze on fiercely in his heart…. Gitonga Wandai plans to summit Mount Everest in 2022! And on his journey to the Everest, he has three goals on his heart and mind!

As a father of two, one of his greatest desires is to give his children the freedom his own mother gave him.  He hopes that by scaling the Everest he will inspire his son Wandai and daughter Koko, to passionately follow their dreams.

Gitonga is determined to place his country Kenya, on the World Map of Mountain Climbing and motivate his countrymen not to give up on their own aspirations.

And spurred by a sincere love for the environment, Gitonga is looking to help protect and replenish the planet by planting 500,000 trees by 2022 from any extra resources beyond this target.

Gitonga Wandai is a man out to make History, by simply having the courage to pursue his dreams and is happy to receive your support for this journey.

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