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COVID 19 Fund For The Blind

Your 100 donation can make a difference in the lives of over 50,000 blind people in Kenya facing starvation during this difficult period of Coronavirus pandemic

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Blind people across Kenya are bearing the brunt of the economic impacts of the measures introduced by the government to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. Traditionally, Blind people have always been at the lowest strata of the Kenyan society. Marginalized in all spheres of life, left out in government information, rejected by employers and ignored in poverty reduction programs, the Blind men and women are the true face of poverty. But the government measures to control the virus have added even more pain to the lives of Blind men and women. Begging which is the biggest source of livelihoods for most unemployed Blind people has become impossible since the "Stay Home Campaign” and movement restrictions from one county to another started.”

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