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Safari Planner Prototype Fund

Our innovative start-up project aim to make dynamic Safari Planning possible at the palm of your hands via a mobile app. We are seeking funds to build the app.

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The Safari Planner Mobile App

The Safari Planner brings control into the hands of the traveler.  We provide the Traveler with a versatile tool for planning, building and getting the cost of their safari trip. The Safari Planner aims to disrupt the traditional distribution channel for the safari product. The tool will link the supplier and the market directly. We want to make Safaris and Dynamic Packaging possible on a mobile App and also to allow people to make their independent decisions online.

The initial idea is to launch the product in Kenya and within the first 5 years launch in the remaining 19 countries in the Sub-Sahara Africa that offer Safari Product. The target market will be the global audience.

Business Plan

In 2018 Africa received 67 Million foreign tourists, who generated USD 194.2 Billion as revenue. On average each traveler spending USD 433 per day for 10 days on their vacation. Kenya received around 2 million tourists in the same period.  Our aim is to tap 2% of this traffic to Kenya to book via Safari Planner in the first year; equivalent to 100,000 tourists. This will translate to total revenue of USD 433Million. Our profit margin will be 10% from the mark-up which is equivalent to USD 43 Million.


On average a Safari Vacation would cost 30% - 40% more than necessary due to the multi-layered distribution channel. The turnaround time also takes longer than it should again due to the same reason. The third challenge faced with the current distribution channel is the lost opportunity for the traveler to have authentic experience in a destination due to over reliance on someone else to create this experience for them. We believe African Safari Travelers need a new and better solution. A solution that Saves them time, money and enrich their experience.

The Safari Planner brings control into the hands of the traveler.  We provide the Traveler with a versatile tool to visualize, plan, build and getting the cost of their safari trip. Through our tool the traveler can enhance their trip by selecting what, when, where and whom they want to be with during their safari vacation. The app will also help travelers sequence their itinerary. This consumer direct focused solution will cut cost, save time and enhance traveler experience.  Our solution is a game changer, because the current solutions in the market have no tour packaging ability or costing ability.

Africa received over 67 Million visitors each year from across the world. This numbers grow by 7% each year. We aim to target at least 5% of this traffic. On average these travelers spend 10 days during their visit spending USD 433 per day per person. The solution will make their planning simpler, more affordable.

Traditional Tour Operators, Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia are the competition. We provide travelers with a platform that allows them to package all the components together and get one cost for the planned itinerary.

Risks associated with Safari business is volatility to unrest and calamities that hinder movement of people from one destination to the other. This risk will be taken care off once we widen our area of operations to all the 19 African countries that offer Safari product. The other risk is financial risk where service provider may collect money but not deliver service. All supplier will b vetted and verified; they will also be required to have professional indemnity insurance. The business model also may choose to use escrow model where we hold money until service is rendered and only dispersed based on client feedback on a survey form

Why invest in us? 

10 – 5,000 you get a personal thank you message from us

5,001- 10,000 you get a certificate of appreciation for supporting Safari Planner

10,001- 100,000 you get listed on our supporter’s page once we go live

100,001 – 250,000 you get listed as a supporter and 2% stake in the innovation only for first 2 contributors of this amount

Above 250,000 you get listed as a supporter and get 5% stake in the innovation only first 2 contributors of this amount


How we plan to use the raised capital?

First round capital increase cash flow will be used at building up:

  • Functionality development and working capital
  • sales, marketing and distribution – teaser campaigns
  • continuous product R&D
  • Human resources. 
  • Form sound supplier partner network within Kenya;
  • Achieve 10,000 downloads within first 18 months after launch;
  • Form a comprehensive sales and marketing team;
  • Activate 10% of the downloads into users
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