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Conserv Congo

The survival and future existence of these beautiful creatures depend on your kindness and generosity. Whatever you do for mother nature, is an investment!

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Conserv Congo is a non profit organisation registered in 2013 by the ministry of justice based in Kinshasa,  DRCongo.
Our mission is to preserve the biodiversity of the Congo Basin. We do this in three ways:
1. By combating poaching and illegal trafficking of wildlife (fauna and flora)
2. By educating the communities on importance of conservation.
3. Engaging in activities that support a sane environment and which help in preserving mother nature.
We have recently rescued 8 pmonkeys (Cercopithecus ascanius) and 2 great apes (one baby Bonobo and one baby Chimpanzee) from the illegal wildlife traffickers and poachers.  We are in dire need of funds to continue our investigation of wildlife trafficking networks, caring for these orphans as we work on their rehabilitation and release plan into proper sanctuaries and  thereafter into the wild.
Your contributions can help us acheive successful investigations, rescue operations and release for these victims of the illegal wildlife trade.
$50 - buys food for the 8 rescued primates for one day
$50 - buys food for the 2 rescued great apes for one day
$100 - covers the cost of the carer for one great ape for one week
$2500 - covers costs associated with investigations and arrests
$300 - covers the salary for one primate carer for one month
$400 - covers the salary for one great ape carer for one month
$1500 - covers the medical costs and pre-release check ups for one rescued ape/ primate
We have worked on 200 investigations, made over 130 arrests, got 23 convictions and have made history for getting the first ever wildlife case to prosecution since colonial times, in 2017. 
Our success is thanks to all those who have donated to support our work this far. We need your help to save these gentle creatures, we need your help in ending wildlife abuse and trafficking, so conserve congo!

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