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Siku Njema Kesho Holiday Fundraiser

As children are returning to school this month, help us support them and their families to cope with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.

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Happy Holidays!

Help families in need by supporting Siku Njema Kesho's work to provide COVID-19 relief to families in the form of food packages and business grants, and support our sponsored children to return to school in January 2021 after almost a year of schools being closed.

A donation of 5 Euros will allow us to provide one child with a menstrual hygiene kit.

A donation of 20 Euros will allow us to purchase a new set of school uniforms for a child.

A donation of 32 Euros allows us to provide one family with a food package for a month.

A donation of 100 Euros allows to provide all of our children with hygiene items for three months (incl. soap, masks, laundry detergent, bucket, toothpaste & brush, shoe polish & brush, moisturizer, etc).

A donation of 500 Euros will allow us to provide a family with the ability to purchase a kiosk and establish a new business, allowing them to become self-sufficient.




We are Siku Njema Kesho, SNK for short, and we are a community-based organization largely operating in Nakuru, Kenya. For over six years, we have provided educational sponsorships to primary and secondary students while also supporting their households and communities. Currently, we support nine children and their families from the outskirts of Nakuru and Kibera in our program.

All of our families have been severely impacted by the current COVID19 crisis. Many have lost their only sources of income due to the lockdown and COVID19 measures, and we want to keep them safe by providing them with what's needed to feed their families. Siku Njema Kesho (SNK) has pivoted its operations from long term development to emergency relief for affected households. Upon school closures in March, we provided families with food packages and hygiene kits, and we provided information on how to protect themselves for COVID-19. In April, we launched this COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser to provide additional support to the families we have worked with.


Since March, we have distributed over 2,125 Euro in food assistance, 523 Euro in cash support and one business grant.


We are now raising funds again to continue our COVID-19 Relief Program and our Back to School 2021 program. This will allow us to support our families with unconditional cash transfers, food packages and business grants. 

Reach out to us with any questions at contact@sikunjemakesho.com.


Thanks for your support! Asanteni!

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